Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Stitch Fix No. 4 Review

Yay! I came home today to see a new Stitch Fix box on my porch. It wasn't due to come till Monday so I was excited to see it early. If you don't know what Stitch Fix is feel free to look back on some of the previous posts that explain it a little better. I'll link those at the end. 

Basically its a clothing/accessory service. You get a box with 5 items curated just for you based on a profile, notes to a stylist and your pinterest style board. You can get it a few times a month, monthly, every other month or basically when ever you feel like it. 

Here is a video of the unboxing! 

I wasn't going to get another one for a while but I did get a gift card to Stitch Fix for my b-day and thought why not. Now I'm wishing I'd waited because I can't keep everything and my favorite item is the most expensive of course. We'll start with this. 

My Stylist knows me well enough to know that I always click "the cheaper, the better option", but she noticed I'd pinned a lot of olive & military style jackets. She mentioned in her note that she know it was a little outside my price range and tried to find me some lower priced items for the other choices. 

Item #1 Sanctuary Lara Camo Jacket 
I love this jacket! It fits perfectly and is very flattering. I like that it's camo print but that it's very muted and looks a dusty olive from afar. It cinches at the waist and has some great detailing. I also love the collar. or lack there of.  It isn't the fold over kind so it would be great to add a scarf with too. 

I'm wearing:
*A.N.A. Leggings from JCPenny
*Market & Spruce Pleated top from Stitch Fix no. 2.  
*Boots from ROSS 

Here is a closer picture so you can see the camo print and collar better. Here is the sad part. I have a camo jacket but honestly it's to big since loosing lots of weight but I still love it. I'm having a very hard time justifying the price tag. 

Verdict: Very tempted- RETURNED 
Price $158.00 (yikes)

#2: Brixon Ivy Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater

I like this style sweater but light grey isn't my favorite color choice. I think it washes me out. I love the lacey elbow patches. It's such a fun detail. I like the simplicity of the sweater and that I can pair it with just about anything since it is a neutral and it's part of what I'm trying to add to my closet.   

I paired this with my Orange Crops from JCPenny and my new ankle boots that I purchased at Maurice's a few weeks ago! I can't wait to wear them. It's not quite boot weather. 

Price $58.00 

#3 Pixley Matata Faux Suede Pocket Knit Top 

This shirt the colors are amazing! I looooove jewel tones. The suede pocket is a great fun detail. However I don't know if it's flattering. It's a very stretchy soft fabric but I feel it's a little clingy in the wrong places. Something about the pocket placement and seams is bothering me too. It also reminds me of a maternity top I used to have. haha. I loved that shirt but I try not to wear maternity looking clothes. So what do you think? Is that pocket to distracting in the wrong areas? 

I paired these with my Jean like Jeggings (I don't own jeans) I've yet to find a pair I love. Don't judge me. haha. These are also A.N.A. from JC Penny
*I went with my Dark Brown boots - these were given to me. I don't know what they are. 

Price: $44.00

#4 41 Hawthorn Rowson Colorblock Stripped Sweater
This is my 2nd favorite. I love Green and Navy together. The sweater fix great. I like the pop of color mixed with stripes. It's not a super thick sweater either. 

I simply paired with with my Jeggings, grey leopard Toms Flats and my 5th item which I'll share a closer image of below. 
Verdict: KEPT
Price : $58.00 

#5 Zad Nigel Cut-Out Curve Bar Necklace

When I 1st pulled it out I wasn't sold on it, but after putting it on I kind liked it. I don't have anything like it and then when I tried it with the sweater I just instantly liked it, but I'm only keeping one item. 

Price $28.00 

As usual I love that Stick Fix send a style card. It help when your pairing things with items you own. That is my favorite part of Stitch Fix. I've never had a fit issue which is so interesting. When I go shopping I have to try on lots of items in various sizes in tiny dressing rooms. I like that I can try on all this in my own home. 

So I need help! Seriously! What would you keep? I'm not keeping it all, but as usual if I do it's cheaper to keep it all than to return just one or two items. Should I splurge on that jacket? Maybe I'll sell some items that are just sitting in my closet. I have a dress and shirt I kept in one fix that I just don't reach for. Ack! Choices! This is the hard part. I have a few days to think about it thankfully.

Want to sign up for your own fix? If you sign up through me I do get a $25.00 credit once your 1st Fix Ships. 
Signed up but not filled out your profile or schedule the Fix? 
Why not? Its fun!! Just Click below:

Want to see my previous fixes. 

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