Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Vacation Part 1

Ahhh! Mountain Air! I love Colorado. I seriously want to move here someday. We usual get to visit my parents here in lovely Parker, CO every year. We didn't plan a trip out this summer due to hubbies busy schedule but my mom called and asked it I could find a away. She was missing her Grandkids! She offered to fly out and drive back with me so we made it work! Saturday morning bright and early we hit the road for a 10 hour road trip! It was my mom, two kids 6-7 and my little chihuahua Lucy. The trip went really great! 

We enjoyed a gorgeous Oklahoma Sunrise, miles of wind farms in Kansas and finally the mountains of Colorado! The kids and dog did great aside from a little car sickness, and we only hit a little rain on the last hr of our drive. 

I wasn't sure how my sweet Lucy would do here. My mom has two chihuahua's too. They're getting along pretty well and I think Lucy is enjoying here new puppy friends and chasing bunnies. 

Sunday we enjoyed spending time at my parents church. I actually ran into some old friends from my Church in Tulsa growing up, they were visiting too! It's fun when we travel, I always seem to run into someone I know. Sunday evening we rested and I worked on a last minute crochet order. I was thankful for Monday after a busy weekend. 

I love my parents home. If faces the mountains and when it's clear you can see Pikes Peak, but it's pretty cloudy today! I love to sit on the deck, with coffee, and just enjoy the view! Today was a laid back day! We enjoyed some time at the local park downtown, walked around and splurged on some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I tried the Coffee and Donuts flavor by Dunkin Donuts! It's was really tasty. Now I'm just writing end enjoying a cool breeze watching the clouds sweep past the mountains. 

The kids are having a blast just enjoying cooler weather and playing outside on Oma and Opa's land! Looking forward to more adventures the next two weeks! I've mapped out a run for tomorrow maybe Wednesday weather pending. They have a great trail here, Cherry Creek Trail that I'm looking forward to getting some miles on! I really want to keep up my training for a 10K I have coming up in just a few short weeks! I've really slowed down and slacked off this summer! Fall 1/2 marathon training starts August 1st!! 

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