Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Part 1 - Simply Your Beauty Products

HI! Today I was sitting down to paint my nails. I often feel overwhelmed when I open my giant Julep box filled with various nail polish. I posted a picture on the Facebook page and started thinking. As I'm working to simplify my life I thought "why do I have all this if it overwhelms me?" I want painting my nails to be fun but a simple process. 

 Well for one I joined Julep about two years ago and get a box with nail and makeup goodies every month. It was so fun at first and I bought into the hype of mystery boxes and my collecting grew fast that year. I haven't even taken a box since Nov of 2014 and yet I keep the subscription. Tempting myself every month, picking out a box selecting my goodies and then talking myself out of it and clicking skip. Thankfully I still have that option, some of the newer subs have changed.  I have one product that I was clinging to. Their Bare Face Cleaning oil seriously changed my face washing life, but I've moved on from it. Now I  wash my face with Organic Coconut Oil. Sound totally strange but this stuff is amazing! Now Coconut Oil has changed my life. 
It does everything...seriously....look it up on pinterest. 

Anyway back to the polish simplifying. I think I'm going to work to sell off my collection or give a lot of it away in August. I'm in a Julep FB Group and they love to do giveaways so I'm sure they'll snatch it up!  I will pick out what I love and what I don't love. I seem to reach for the same colors all the time. I don't really do Nail Art. Oh boy have I tried! If I can't drawn on paper how in the world did I think I could on my nails. haha! 

I think maybe I'll try to get this down to 15-20 bottles! Then I need to attack my makeup stash! I actually did through out a ton of old polish and makeup last fall. I was doing a cleaning wars with a group of Ladies and we were challenged to go through everything. 
Makeup expires ya'll! Don't hold on to it so long! 

I also want to organize my makeup better. Now I don't usually have all this out on the counter. 
I'm going out of town for the rest of July and was picking out what to take. I told my mom with my new hair do and obsession with make up. I need a suitcase just for that! I'm actually not taking that  much but a little vacation time give me opportunity to try some new makeup looks with my palettes! I'm better at that with my eyeshadow than with the nail polish! LOL! 

Any hoo! There are my thoughts today! Do you need to simplify your beauty products? 

I challenge you to do this.  

1. Through out empty bottles or almost the last drop of hair products 
(shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion)   

2. Go through your polish and if it's old and crusty through that away. 

3. Lastly check your makeup stash and if you've still have make up samples and/or really old makeup that is older than a few years get rid of it! 

4. How many bottles of bath and body works lotion do you need? Get rid of some and just use coconut oil! That lotion makes me itch anyway and I still have 4 bottles. 

let me know in the comments below if you took on part of the challenge and feel free to share a before and after on my facebook page! I'd love to see! 

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