Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Vacation Part 2

Hello Friday! I'm so sleepy today! We've been staying very busy with activities and I'm loving it all. My favorite part of the day is still my morning coffee out on the deck. Tuesday it's was a lovely cool morning. I decided to hit the running trail for 5 miles! They have a great trail here called Cherry Creek trail and it actually runs all the way into Denver. It's a whole marathon if I wanted haha! Not right now!  I've not been super consistent in my running this summer but I have a 10K August 15th with my local running group and I'm trying to follow my plan even one vacation (although I didn't run today LOL). It wasn't the best run but I sure enjoyed the weather and a new path! I'll just blame my pace on the altitude.  The rest of Tuesday was a quiet rest day with family! 

We visited my sister in law and played with bubbles from the dollar tree! 

Wednesday I enjoyed yoga on the deck! I had some soar tushy muscles that needed some stretching from that run! I really need to get back to daily yoga! It's so great for running! I love the wild life I see here! Been watching a momma dear and here two fawns jumping around the fields. This picture is  a deer and two bunnies! 

After that we headed to Castle Rock Outlets for a little shopping! Got some great deals on some back to school clothes for the kids! I only bought myself a thin leopard print belt at H&M for $3.00. I was a good girl and didn't spend much at all, but I do have a Stitch Fix box coming for my birthday and I'm sure that will get me in trouble, but thankfully I have a good amount of credit so I'm kinda excited to see what I get! It will be my 3rd Fix!! 

My mom, my kids and me rocking my stitch fix shirt and necklace from my last box. 

Thursday we headed over to Centennial Central Park. It has a big Spray Ground, Play Ground, Sand Pit and more! The Kids had a blast with their cousin! 

swinging on the big swing! 

That Evening I had a Picnic with a friend! We are part of a mentoring group called "Big Life" I've made some really great, encouraging friends that I Voxer on a daily basis for accountability in certain areas like, Health & fitness. It was so great to get to meet my friend Holly in person! She has a sweetest boys and we had a fun time. My kiddos were exhausted from the day so I just took my sweet puppy to the park and she did great and enjoyed some fried chicken! 

The kids had a fun time Thursday night having a slumber party with their cousin and we are just hanging out playing today! We are getting ready to go to the Colorado Springs Zoo and Camping over the next few days so I'll share those adventures when we get back! 
One week of fun down, one more to go! 

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