Wednesday, June 29, 2016

StitchFix No 5. June 2016

Hi! It's been quite a while since I ordered a box from Stitchfix! I had a $25 credit and an offer to try a box for free since it had been so long. I thought I'd give it a try to help find myself something special to wear for my hubby's graduation from Police Academy Friday!  Since my last fix I've unfortunately gained a bit of weight so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I was pleasant surprised as always but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep anything! I have to decide by Thursday! yikes! choices! So let see!

If you want to watch the video reveal you can see that here or else scroll down to see the pics!

 OH my goodness it was hot outside. Since the move I haven't really worked out a perfect spot for pics. My new backyard is bigger but not really shady anywhere! So it took me a while to get these done and yes, I use a selfie stick because well my kids don't take good pictures LOL! Enjoy!

Item #1 - Gilli - Jessie Knit Maxi Dress -$74
First off I love the Navy Blue! It's a super comfy maxi dress's thin and hugs some of my problem areas a little more than I'd like. It's a lovely dress. I just don't LOVE it
Verdict: Sending Back
Item #2- Brixon Ivy - Willard Lace Overlay Blouse - $54
I was excited to see this in my box. I specifically pinned it! It fits and looks great! I love the lace. I love the bright cobalt color. I'm on the fence about this shirt! 
Verdict: Sadly....Sent Back

Item #3: Papermoon - Liroy Button Placket Knit Top - $44
The colors and style of the shirt are cute. I liked the pop of color but yellow isn't usually a favorite for me and neither are stripes. The shirt was comfy but body hugging so it wasn't really doing me any favors. 
Verdict : Sending Back

Item #4: Skies are Blue- Klide Woven Back Knit Top - $48
Love the color and the fun print on the back. Something about the shirt just didn't lay right on me. Just not a good cut for me. The front of the shirt is stretchy but not along the seems so it doesn't have give around my hips even though it's split on the sides. The back isn't stretchy material and I kind wish it had that longer in the back cut. 
Verdict : Sending Back

 Item #5: 41 Hawthorn - Flynn Colorblock Sleeveless Blouse -$54

I didn't even take a pic of this one on. It's not stretchy at all and I felt like it just wasn't my style. Didn't care for the print or the fabric. It fit but it's very boxy and long. It just wasn't a good fit for me. 

Verdict : Sending Back

So overall! I was happy with what was sent! My stylist always does a great job and she did great with request! I was so happy I've had the same stylist every time! I'll probably try it again around my b-day month in August, but for now! I think it's all getting boxed up this time. 

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