Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Birthday Surprise and Fall Training

Okay so I might have overly mentioned it's my birthday on Friday! 
Today my hubby said he got me a gift. I had no clue so I was getting overly curious. 
I think he was going to wait till Friday but my 7 year old son saw him sneak in the door with a box and not so quietly said "Dad did you get another Apple Watch?" So surprise busted and I heard! 
I wasn't expecting anything so this was quiet the surprise. 

Now I've used a Fitbit for about a year and a half along with a Garmin Forunner Watch for my running. This summer my hubby got an Apple Watch and gave me his Garmin Vivo Active Watch. It does it all and I was very happy with it. So I didn't expect anything new. I'll now likely be selling my other two watches but I'll have to test out how it does with running 1st. I really like using the Nike+ App for my running so I'll be glad to switch back since I've been tracking with Garmin Connect since May and I find there app to be a bit confusing to use. I love using my fit bit though and all the online tools. I'll likely keep using Myfitness Pal to track food and such. It helps me soooo much! 

After a hit and miss summer of running it's almost time for school to start and I'll have my mornings to run outside again more consistently! I'm a week late to my fall training because of vacation and sickness. I'm still not 100% but I have a 5K Race on Saturday with my 
Edmond Mom's Run This Town Group! 
It was supposed to be a 10K for me but I'm just not prepared or well enough yet. This congestion is getting on my nerves! I just want to breath and not cough so much. I'm going to have fun either way! 

On the bright side I get to try out my new running shoes! In April I ran my 1st 1/2 Marathon and at the Expo I won a pair of Brooks shoes. I finally made a decision and got these in a couple weeks ago. 
I've loved my brooks in the past so I'm looking forward to breaking these in. 
These are the New Ghost 8 in Purple/Blue - Love these colors! 

I look forward to sharing my journey to my 2nd half marathon. 
I'll be doing the Route 66 in Tulsa, in November! 

Do you use smart watches? What are your favorite Gadgets for running? 
What are you favorite workout shoes? 

Share in the comments below! 

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