Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ulta Haul - Purple Shampoo and Make up Gifts

So I got an Ulta ad in the mail and did I mention its my b-day week. I have no control LOL! They were having a free gift with purchase on their Ulta Brand Cosmetics. I've never used them but the Free 15 Piece Gift caught my attention ($88 Value). I do need mascara and I love trying new make up so I picked out a three items to reach the $19.50 purchase to get the gift. 

1.  Baked Eye Shadow - In Lucky Charms- I've been loving a good camo or olive base look and I've never used a baked Shadow. 
2. Eye crayon in the shade - Birthday Girl of course. It's a pretty pink/champagne color and will be a nice quick go to for a easy simple shimmer eye look. 
3. Extreme Wear Eyeshadow Primer. I normally use Urban Decay but I ran out, got a deal on some Elf eye primer -which isn't all that great but it was only $2 and elf does have some great finds. Hopefully I will like this a little better. I really need the primer with my Urbabn Decay Palettes! I have the Vice 3, Naked 3 and Amma pallets! I love them all! 

I had a $3.50 off coupon too so for around $25.00 I got those with all this!!! 

Cosmetic Bag
Full Size Legendary Lengths Mascara
3 eye shadow quads
Glitter Eye Shadow Top Coat Duo
Blush Highlighter Duo
Dual Ended Eye Liner
Mineral Lip Gloss
Brow Tint
3 pc Cosmetic Brush Set
Mini Nail Lacquer
Matte Lipstick 
and there is a coupon in the bag for $5. off a $15 cosmetic brush purchase. 

I'm new to the Wink Ulta Program but I supposedly get a b-day gift too on my birthday. 
I'll have to wait and see what it is. 

I did get these Nars Lippies from Sephora for my b-day! - I love them both. 

So It will be fun to play with my new make up! Not that I need more but I can't pass up a good deal. 

The whole reason I went to Ulta actually (haha) was to look for a Purple shampoo. I still have yet to share my summer hair adventure. It's been lots of colors and it's currently Bleached Blonde but I still have some red/pink/teal/blue left underneath from my Splat dye (never again- see video)

So it's kinda Blonde Pastel at the moment. I'm actually liking it but I thought I'd try a purple shampoo instead of trying to permanately tone it. Purple Shampoo is supposed to help the cancel out the brassy tones. Mine isn't to orange/yellow but I would like to brighten it up some. I'm not sure how it will react with my colorful hair but the worst it can do it turn purple right!?! and I loved my purple hair. I still have a tube of the Ion Color Brilliance in Radiant Orchid and I may do it again but I'm liking the Blond for the moment. I'll let you know how it works. 
I looked up a lot of different ones and I ended up not getting one I researched. I love the Sexy Hair products my Hair Stylist suggested for my pixie cut and I saw they had one. 
It's a little pricy but not terribly expensive as some but not super cheap that it might not work. 
The reviews seem good so well see. 

Current Hair color! What will I do next??? haha

So do you like Ulta Brand Products? Are you obsessed with make up like me? Have you tried purple Shampoo? Tell me about it in the Comments!

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  1. Wow! Need to bet on the Ulta Birthday club list! Cool finds.