Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Hair Adventure

So for over a couple years or so I've been pinning tons of colorful hair dye jobs on pinterest. I've been wanting purple hair but didn't know if I could quiet pull it off.  Growing up I boxed dyed my hair every color under the sun. My mom and I had many crazy ideas and bad hair jobs. I haven't touched  boxed dyes in years.

I have a great stylist and she puts up with all my hair changes. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair. She's a good friend and worth my drive across town even though I don't see her near as often as I should. I honestly would rather pay more for a good hair cut that with grow out good.

Anyhoo back to my adventure. I've been growing my hair out and it's was pretty long for me. It's healthy and currently it just had lots of highlights. I hadn't all over dyed it in a while.

On a whim I decided to try some semi permanent blue/purple highlights. You can read about this on my other blog : Adventures of Dyeing my Own Fibers.  I love them but of course they didn't last long and I was ready for more!!

I went to Ulta and I was going to try Punky Colors based on a recommendation from my cousin. They didn't have purple so I started looking around and found these Splat Dye Ombre kits. Being near July 4th I had a crazy idea of Red and Blue hair well it didn't take to well and I'm still regretting this choice. You can see my full review in my youtube video HERE

Splat dye

I tried the vitamin C & Head & Shoulder treatment,  and swimming in chlorine, to try to get this stuff out of my hair. It won't budge. You can tell it faded some but even after what I do the next few weeks. I still have pink/green in my hair. 
I haven't bleached it. 
Splat dye after trying to fade it!!! 

 So after realizing this wasn't coming out of my hair I decided to go with my original plan. I used the same Ion Color Brilliance in Radiant Orchid. I figured that the purple would mix well over these colors. I mixed the dye with some white conditioner to help it go further and spread on easier since it's kinda thick. I loved the results. I ended up with multi tonal purple. 

The color did start to fade some as these colors do. I ended up with pink/grey/ashy tones. 
It was pretty but then I got a really crazy idea.......

I decided to chop off all my hair!!! Ahhh! 
It was the best decision ever! I've had my hair in reverse bobs many times before but I wanted something shorter! I talked with my stylist and told her I was thinking of a longer pixie cut! 
I absolutely love what she did! The color seemed to look a little better after the cut too! 
I didn't have her do anything to the color. 
I told her I would just be dying it purple again :) 

And that is what I did! Easily did the Ion Radiant Orchid over it again! 

I was heading out on vacation to Colorado and planned on just letting it breathe for a few weeks. Only I got really sick my 2nd week of vacation. I usually try to wash my hair every 2-3 days with cold water to help the color last. With being sick the only thing that was helping was very hot showers with water beating over my head! So lets just say my color faded out a lot! 

My roots had now been growing for 6 weeks and since I had bleach mix on hand I touched up my roots and this is currently what my hair looks like. It's Blonde and not to brassy but I still have that stinking splat dye so it's pink/purple/green in areas. I got some purple shampoo to help the blonde not be brassy and I really like it.  Secretly I heard some of the purple shampoos will turn you hair purple/grey so I kinda hoped it might but the one I'm using doesn't. I'm trying really hard just to condition and let my hair repair for a few weeks but I have this urge to do more of a violet purple all over again! eeek! I'm having to much fun! 

It's about time for a trim too. My hair is healthy, grows fast and short hair takes more maintenance. I'm loving it short and I may go a little shorter next time around! 

So My stylist made me an offer that I can't refuse! I was supposed to blog this like a month ago when I got it cut!!  
Just got to busy with vacation. 

(Click above to visit her Facebook page) 
She is a good friend and has cut my hair for many years now! I've never left with a bad cut or color from her. She seriously is good at reading my ever changing mind! She always walks me through styling my hair and what products to use. I used to have trouble getting my hair to hold curl and she taught me some tricks.  I had a fear I wouldn't be able to style this new cut but it's been really easy after she walked me through it all! She also was super sweet after I explained everything I did to my hair and gave me some tips. She said I didn't really damage my hair. Thankfully it's pretty strong! 

If you are looking for a new stylist, she works on the Southwest side of OKC out of Salon Therapy. 
If you tell her I sent you can get $5.00 off a Shampoo/Cut/Style

If I get 5 people into see her she'll give me a free hair cut which saving money is nice, but I'll be seeing her soon regardless. 

Now I just have to figure out what color I want to do or not do next and find some patience to wait!! 

What's your favorite color on me? 
What color would you love to do? 

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