Saturday, August 15, 2015

Giddy Up and Go Race Day

I have to say since I started running in Jan 2014 I never thought I would come to love it so much. Of course it's more of a love/hate relationship. Haha! I love it enough to have already singed up for a 2nd 1/2 marathon in November. 

I knew my running this summer would be slim. Hubby was working full time and going to school 4-5 days a week. It was hard to find the time to get outside before it was hot and humid. (no matter that I have a treadmill.....ugh..treadmill)  I'm a wimp and don't handle that well. I substituted it with a full month of Pilates with a Blogilates Calander and another month of Yoga with Adriene! I learned so much and it helped me lose weight and tone/strengthen in other areas that need it but July was a slacker month. I intend to be ready for the Giddy UP and Go Race Virtual 5K/10K/Half Marathon with my Local Edmond Moms Run This Town Chapter (I was aiming for 10K). 

So I attempted to run on a plan when I could....even if that meant treadmill. It felt good to run again but I was then surprised with a two week Colorado Vacation to see family! I'm not complaining totally worth it and I was fully intending to keep up my running plan as I could and I did once while on vacation.....then I got sick!

The last week of vacation I was just resting and trying to feel better. I was doing okay enough to drive 10 hrs back home, but when I got back to Oklahoma the sickness got worse. Hubby finally sent me to the clinic and I took my z-pack and I started feeling myself again. 
I just can't get rid of this chest congestion though. 

I attempted a treadmill run on Monday and got 2 very slow miles in. I just couldn't breath. Thursday I attempted an outside run and only got a mile---still can't breath well. Ugh! So frustrated. 
I decided I would just do the 5K (3.1 miles) even if that meant walking most of it. 

Friday was my birthday and enjoyed a yummy dinner with family and tried to get to bed early since I knew I would be getting up at 5 am! 

I could....not....sleep! I seriously woke up every hr, but some how I wasn't super exhausted and woke up excited to run. 

Got my Coffee and did about 30 minutes of Yoga to wake me up and get ready to run. 
Unfortunately I knew the route was going to be uphill both ways.....seriously! 
Headed a few miles down the road to Elite Feet in Edmond and had fun seeing some gals I hadn't seen in a while! I really enjoy running with these moms! 
I've learned a lot from them and they are so encouraging! 

Set up my new Apple watch (which I'm not sure if I like for running, I really like my Garmin, but I'll try it a few more times to see. ) Got my running playlist going and headed out. 

It was a lovely morning for August! Not terribly hot or humid! I was so happy for that! 
Thankfully the course did start downhill but I probably started too fast but I knew I might as well enjoy the downhill while I had it! I did really well for 1.5 miles but the hills got me! I wasn't having a super hard time breathing like Thursday but still some. I started intervals at this point (more like walk to that stop sign, run to the stop light) I was trying really hard not to walk to much, but I knew that last mile was mostly uphill. I did find a few sprinklers to run through. They felt great! 

The good news is I finished!! For being sick and not running to consistently lately and the hills
I was happy with my average of 13 minute miles and finished in about 40 minutes. 

I felt really good after the run, runners high is a real thing ya'll! 

The Evoke Coffee Truck was there at the end and let me tell ya! They had the yummiest waffles and coffee! I had a fresh blueberry waffle and iced coffee. It hit the spot after the run! I'm always starving after a run, but I don't usually eat a big ole waffle! lol! It was so worth it. 

I was excited to win a prize! I choose a Mom's Run This Town Headband! 
Can't have to many running headbands. There was also a great goodie bag and a fun metal.

Thanks to Ashley for putting it together, Thanks to Elite Feet for hosting and thanks to all the sponsors for the fun goodies in our grab bags! Lots of fun stuff! 

I'm really glad I pushed myself to do this even if I'm off my game! The kids head back to school this week and I'm determined to get back to my training. Technically this would be week 3 of 16 so I'm a little behind where I want to be but I could follow a 12 week plan and probably be okay! 
Guess we'll see! Looking forward to getting back up to speed and distance! Here's to more runs with my buddies because that is always more fun! 

Do you like to run? Have you ever done a virtual race? 

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